Aug 06, 2020 - Aug 09, 2020

Baycrest SEALFIT

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Are You Ready For The Ultimate Physical And Mental Challenge?

SEALFIT is regarded as the hardest civilian training in the world and you can take part in it this August 6-9 at a secret location, one hour from Toronto.
The training is demanding yet gratifying, and can be adapted to meet the needs of beginner and advanced athletes alike. Participants will be able to choose from four crucible challenges: 20XS (6-hour), 20X (12-hour), 20XL (24-hour) and Kokoro (50 Hour).
Push yourself beyond the levels of physical and mental barriers you never thought you could while being coached by SEALFIT’s team of retired and reserve Navy SEALs.

At Baycrest, we’re doing the same thing with our research, care, innovation and educations in aging and brain health – we are pushing boundaries to help defeat dementia.

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