Gift of Thanks - Terraces

“Dear Shawn Fremeth and the Terraces staff, With much gratitude and appreciation to everyone who provided the time, devotion and care to our late Mom.” BW and CD

"To the amazing staff at the Terraces, My Mom has been residing at the Terraces for over 6 years, and is very happy to call the Terraces home. We in turn, are extremely pleased with everyone who makes it all possible. All the staff are magnificent, kind and caring professionals. Whether screening visitors at the door, cleaning the halls and apartments, doing laundry, preparing or serving meals or doing cleanup, providing meaningful programs or services, ensuring that the building infrastructure is in excellent working condition, all of you are ensuring residents' happiness, health and safety. Please know that you are so appreciated for your dedication to the residents' well-being. Thank you! With deepest gratitude," E&GS

"We are truly appreciative of all the astounding efforts made by all the staff and volunteers at Baycrest for their hard work in keeping everybody so safe and healthy, not only during this Covid Pandemic, but always. Your diligence and dedication not only enhance the lives of all residents, but save so many!!! Thank you," MV and family

"Thank you, Thank  you, and Thank you!!!! Happy Channuka/ Merry Christmas!!! Our family sleeps  better knowing our mother is safe!!!" SS

"Dear Alec, We read every one of the emails you send.  We find them informative and of comfort.  For the past 9 months, we have watched from a distance as you and your staff have kept our mother safe.  Safer than she would be anywhere else.  And happy.  Happier than she would be anywhere else.

Despite this, we have one more thing to ask of you:  Could you please, just once, send us an email that tells us how you and your family are doing, and if there is anything we can do for you or them.

We are so thankful to have you and your staff in our mother’s life and wish you all everything good in the universe." SP

"Thank you for your exceptional leadership, integrity and compassion.  Thank you also for all you do to keep residents and staff safe and healthy." RT

"Thank you for all of your excellent advice and assistance and for your humanity and compassion.  Thank you for co-ordinating so many aspects of life for residents and family.    Thank you for all you do." RT

"Thank you Carol for being so knowledgeable, efficient and helpful in such a cheerful and kind manner." RT

"Thank you so much for your help, care and compassion during these difficult time. It has meant a great deal to me." CB

"I want to express my gratitude to the entire staff, here at the Terraces of Baycrest, for putting our well-being and safety as their foremost priority. Thank you!"  SK, Terraces Resident

"On behalf of our family we want to thank all the Terraces staff for the amazing job you are doing during these unprecedented times.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you for keeping our mother safe, secure and happy.  We are so thankful mum is at The Terraces, especially now.  Please pass on our deepest thanks to all the staff." AG

"Can't thank you enough for all your efforts to keep the Terraces safe for my mother and everyone else who has the pleasure to reside or work in this blessed dwelling." JK

"Just a token of our appreciation for the Attention and Care you show to all your Residents, their Families and Your Staff.  You are our heroes and we love you!  Alec – Please don’t leave us.  With sincere thanks," JSM & BM

"Tony has been a warm and constant presence throughout a very difficult year. In the words of my mom, a Terraces resident, Tony is “a mensch extraordinaire, a good friend, always ready to help – I like him”."  With thanks, SF