Gift of Thanks

"In appreciation and in honour of all the staff on 7E (especially Dr. Craft, Laura and Angela) for the outstanding care and kindness shown to my husband at all times." BA

"You guys are the best! Thanks so much for everything you do each and every day to keep our loved ones safe! You guys are the true heroes! AM"

"Whether you are on the frontlines or far behind the scenes, I want to thank you. You are part of a tremendous team whose dedication and tireless work is making a difference every day. So thank you for all that you do. For caring more, for working harder, for double checking and checking again on everything that is so vital and changing so quickly as you navigate this pandemic. You are extraordinary and compassionate professionals and your efforts and commitment are appreciated more than words can say. LM"

"Dear Donna Margles, Your presence and facilitating helped us individually and as a group through many difficult spots for over a year! Ever appreciative for your professional, insightful, personal advice and good humour. Grateful Participants of Baycrest Caregiver Support Group "

"Dear Hospital 6 East Staff especially nurses Winnie, Lillian, Nilafe, Janet and Yvette, Our family greatly appreciates the care, concern and compassion you extended. Thank you, BT "