A gift in your will is a future gift that is also known as a bequest.  The donation is made in the future through your estate.  It is an easy way to support Baycrest that can result in significant tax savings.  

Making a bequest is as straightforward as updating your will or creating an estate plan.  Of course, many of us hope that our legacy will be one that touches family and friends, but it can reach beyond that to the community and the next generation.

Wording for Gift In Will

Legacy Gift Confirmation Form

What are the benefits to you?

  • A gift in your will allows you to make a larger donation than would otherwise be possible during your lifetime.
  • There’s no immediate cost that would affect your current lifestyle.
  • Ensures that your wishes are fulfilled that will reflect your core values, commitments and make a lasting difference.
  • A charitable tax receipt to your estate can significantly reduce or eliminate final income taxes.

Thank you for considering a gift in your will to Baycrest.

Baycrest Foundation welcomes the opportunity to meet with you or answer any questions.  Please feel free to contact:

  • Becki Willoughby, Planned Giving Director @ (416) 785-2500 ext. 3895 or
  • Joanne Gittens, Manager, Planned Giving @ (416) 785-2500 ext. 2023
This is general information only and is intended for reference purposes. 
You should consult with an experienced estate planner or professional advisor to help you make decisions that suit your financial and estate objectives.