The Professional Advisory Group of the Baycrest Foundation aims to educate financial, legal and accounting professionals for the purpose of offering advice to their aging clients and families. 

"I have been attending the Baycrest Professional Advisory breakfast seminars for many years. The topics covered are interesting, relevant and thought-provoking. They are almost always applicable to situations I encounter in my work. The presenters are very knowledgeable and deliver the material well. The format allows me to be in the office before 10 a.m. And, I learn something new about Baycrest every time. I always look forward to the next session."
                                                                   - Brian Lass, The MJS Group

The Professional Advisory Group Committee


Elisabeth Colson
Joshua Wise

Group Members

Brian Belmont, Arieh Bloom, Ashley Doidge, Talia Feder, Irving Feldman, Bryan Gilmartin, Zak Goldman, Leon Kieselstein, Marc Levstein, Israel Mida, Allan Rakowsky, Jack Rotsztain, Elisa Swern, Errol Tenenbaum, Marissa Verskin, Kim Whaley
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If you are a lawyer or financial advisor seeking further information for your clients who wish to make a gift to Baycrest, please contact Becki Willoughby, Planned Giving Director, at 416-785-2500 ext. 3895 or bwilloughby@baycrest.org

Professional Advisory Virtual Seminar: Where in the World are We? Economic Perspective.
You can view this video here by clicking on the thumbnail.

Professional Advisory Virtual Seminar: Planning to Reduce Probate and Income Tax
You can view this special video here or by clicking the thumbnail.